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VitA-POS Eye Ointment 5g tube.

DISCONTINUED – Preservative-free eye ointment with vitamin A.

5-gram tube.


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VitA POS® eye ointment is the night-time care for dry, stressed eyes and is particularly well-suited for all those who suffer in the morning from incrustations and residue on the eyelid margin.
What is special about VitA POS® eye ointment:

  • Intensive care and regeneration for dry, irritated eyes.
  • Prevents the eyelids from sticking together during sleep and protects the surface of the eye.
  • Used overnight.
  • With vitamin A.
  • Free from phosphates and preservatives.

VitA POS® eye ointment has been developed to meet the needs of dry eyes and can prevent unpleasant scratching when opening your eyes in the morning. VitA POS® eye ointment is particularly well-suited to use during sleep.

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