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Blephagel 30g Tube.

Blephagel cools, cleans, refreshes and soothes eyelids.


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  •  Blephagel preservative-free gel cools, cleans and soothes inflamed eyelids and is hypoallergenic
  •  The simple formula offers a cooling sensation for inflamed eyelids whilst gently removing mucous and debris

Blephagel cools, cleans, refreshes and soothes eyelids. It is free from preservatives, parabens, alcohol and perfumes and so is suitable for most patients including those with sensitive skin.

Innovative Steri-Free® technology means that Blephagel remains sterile for up to 2 months after opening. The inner aluminium layer ensures the tube remains airtight and a hermetic membrane protects against bacterial contamination.

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