How to change batteries in my hearing aid.

Rayovac Battery Change 1

Step 1. Remove battery tab.

The small tab keeps the battery fresh for longer until you remove it.

Rayovac Battery Change 2

Step 2. Activate the battery.

Once you have removed the tab, allow the battery 1 minute to rest and allow the air to activate the battery.

Rayovac Battery Change 3

Step 3. Place the battery in the device.

Insert the new battery in your hearing aid with the air holes facing up.

Rayovac Battery Change 4

Step 4. Enjoy every moment.

Close your hearing aid and enjoy every moment of your Rayovac hearing aid battery.

How long do the batteries last?

How long your hearing aid batteries last depends on various factors, so there is no general answer that is going to work for all hearing aid wearers. The best way to understand the battery life of your hearing aid battery is to benchmark the battery performance over time. Once you become familiar with your hearing aid and batteries, you can estimate when the life of your battery will end. Therefore, it is always important to carry spare batteries with you at all times.

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